Imagine if you created clean air and water every time you turned on a light…

Join Us Thursday Oct. 22 for Happy Hour with Randall Roth
and Learn about the Future of Solar and Hydrogen Energy

In the coming years, we will experience a global economic shift as we change the way we create and use energy.

You are invited to the next event in “The Conversation,” an ongoing program that brings thought-provoking discussions and thought leadership to the community.

The Conversation: Hydro-Solar Solutions with Randall Roth

5-7 p.m. Thursday, October 22, 2015

ROC @ theVineOC, UC Irvine

5151 California, Irvine, CA

Come hear inventor Randall Roth, CEO CSDR International and founder of Good Neighbor Solar, as he discusses existing solar-hydrogen hybrid solutions that produce oxygen and clean water as by-products.

Entry is $15 and includes delicious food and drinks. Please register here. For more information about The Conversation, email us or call 714.547.8546. We look forward to seeing you Oct. 22!