Golden Coast Mead Oceanside, CA
Regenerative alcohol brewed from honey
Amazon Store
NOMAD Micro Homes Vancouver, BC
Flat packed tiny houses supporting affordable and sustainable living
Permacube; Orlando, FL
Our vision is to provide the tools and ideas that will help to end world hunger.
The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Tools for Change. Goods for good living.
GrubMarket; Carson, CA
The Farmers Market delivered to your door
Algae Aquaculture Technologies; Kalispell, MT
Heat, power, organic fertilizer and food. In virtually any climate.
PowerSpout MicroHydro Electric Systems
Water goes in, Power comes out
Open Source Beehives Broomfield, CO
Beehive sensors to help diagnose and solve the decline in bee populations worldwide
Aker; Broomfield, CO
Urban gardening kits fit for the 21st century collaborative economy
Beekeeper's Naturals Toronto, ON
B-Corp whose mission is to bring you the highest quality products from the hive and nurture a greater awareness for saving our bees
The Garden Tower
vertical garden & composting system is capable of transforming home gardening
On a mission to bring energy everywhere

Below is our working list of who we’d like to feature on this page.

If you see your name we think you’re pretty great but just haven’t gotten around to reaching out yet. Or maybe we’re waiting to hear back from you!


  • Garden Tower Project
  • Composting
    • vermicomposting tower
      • Uncle Jim’s worm supply
    • bokashi
    • tumbler
    • Green Mountain Technologies in-vessel composters
  • Girl Next Door Honey
  • Em1
  • Fungi Perfecti?
  • LifeBox
  • Seed companies
  • Biochar
  • Open Source Ecology full product release machines
  • FarmBot
  • Primal Pastures
  • Compost tea brewers
    • GeoTea


  • Lifestraw
  • Lifesaver
  • R/O


  • solar? – how many suppliers? Which makes and models?
  • wind? – same questions
  • Hestia Home Biogas
  • Thermoelectric generator (TEG)?
  • Pellet Stove?
  • Rocket mass heater?
  • All Power Labs’ series of gasifiers
  • Algae Aquaculture Technologies’ Dragon, Organic Carbon Engine (commercial-scale gasifier)



  • Tumbleweed tiny house co.
  • Four Lights Tiny House company
  • Airstream?
  • BiniShells
  • Green Magic Homes
  • BioMason
  • Luminair domiciles
  • Cocoon tree kit
  • Q Kit cabins
  • WeatherHyde all season reversible tent
  • Organic cotton sheets
  • Hot water bottles
  • Mini split ductless heat pumps
  • 475 Performance eGo Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Solar hot air?


Precious Plastic



Tonlé (Zero waste clothing line)






Kahn Academy