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Algae Aquaculture Technologies Kalispell, MT
High-value organic products from algae and waste woody biomass
January 2010 Algae Aqua-Culture Technology and Stoltze Land and Lumber Company agreed to develop a model bioprocessor. The primary goal of the project is to demonstrate how mill and logging waste can be incorporated into a closed loop system to generate high value byproducts that will provide additional revenue and increased efficiency with a much smaller carbon footprint. The GPH is the unique integration of our three sub components, PBR, ABR and OCE. These components work together to convert waste byproducts from other agricultural, silvicultural, municipal or industrial processes into energy and soil amendments. Baby its cold outside, but inside AACT’s Green Power House™ the weather is beautiful. Super Smart Integrated Biosystems AACT integrated bioprocessors consume waste heat and carbon carbon dioxide to produce renewable energy and organic soil amendments. AACT systems are ideally suited for the production of methane, hydrogen and bio-oils that can be used as fuel for farm and industrial equipment or to generate electrical power. As the system produces no waste, its byproducts are valuable high grade organic fertilizer and soil amendments. AACT bioprocessors are housed in a state-of-the-art greenhouse structure called the Green Power House ™, or GPH. The GPH is a self sustaining, self managing greenhouse that can be used for the year round production of organic food in virtually any climate. For more information, links and publications about Algae AquaCulture Technologies visit us on Facebook
Golden Coast Mead Oceanside, CA
Regenerative alcohol made from honey
Permacube Orlando, FL
Our vision is to provide the tools and ideas that will help to end world hunger.
Closing the Loop, San Diego
Building sustainable lifestyles today, restoring humanities connection to the Earth and Closing the Loop in a throw away culture
Open Source Ecology


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