Coneybeare Sustainability Marketplace

Dream: I believe that working together, we can solve our most urgent problems and demonstrate how to live sustainably, beautifully, and in harmony with nature. We already have so many of the technologies we need to live sustainably on the planet. We need to connect people, resources, and markets. Together we can make it happen.


Vision: Coneybeare Cleantech’s new Sustainability Marketplace is a sustainable resource alliance which connects talented individuals, industry experts, companies, resources and products in a global virtual marketplace, with the aim of accelerating the development, implementation, and scaling of solutions. We want to bring to market the most innovative products and services, to solve the world’s most urgent environmental challenges.

As a comprehensive on-line Sustainability Network/Alliance/Forum/Think Tank/Incubator/Marketplace, people can exchange ideas, goods, expertise, networks, services and education, for free, for barter and for profit. This virtual marketplace also acts as a database which documents the people, products, and places involved in sustainability worldwide.

Coneybeare Cleantech is an online portal/forum and marketplace where people in sustainability can come to share their ideas, projects, and businesses, ask for and offer help, seek and offer funding and resources, sell or buy  products or services, share ideas and inspiration, connect, be heard, show what they are working on, collaborate, communicate, investigate, publish, blog and post.



Connections: People, “Strategic alliance partners” come to seek or offer talent and expertise in the form of employment, consulting, speaking engagements, volunteers, internships, collaborations.


Commerce: Products and services are offered for barter and sale


Communication, Learning and exchange of ideas: Conferences, meetings and meet-ups are offered, arranged and marketed, articles, blogs, and investigations are published



Mission: to create a 100% sustainable planet earth.



Purpose: To produce rapid results; by providing a platform/incubator/connection nexus for ideas about sustainability and showcase remarkable solutions to climate change, we can drive social change and accelerate progress towards bringing sustainable solutions to market. ROI is achieved through monetizing the flow of product sales and hiring of consultants and employees, and advertising.

Who would benefit:

  • Companies wishing to sell their products to a global audience.
  • Consultants wishing to market their services and expertise to a global audience
  • Companies wishing to find expertise, training and manpower
  • Researchers wishing to investigate sustainable technologies and people
  • Investors wanting to assess the existing market and technologies available
  • People wishing to collaborate on projects, for profit or non-profit
  • Companies and individuals looking for funding, partners or investors
  • Networking of individuals and organizations working towards common goals
  • Universities looking for visiting professors, immersive educational experiences for students, research collaboration
  • Students looking for educational and internship opportunities, data, information and knowledge
  • Governments looking to streamline efforts and save money by leveraging existing talent, products and resources, or to help decide where to invest money and resources for maximum ROI, not having to re-invent the wheel, etc.
  • Non-profit associations collaborating to leverage their particular expertise with complementary efforts made by others.