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Victoria Betancourt
Founder, Coneybeare Cleantech

Victoria combined her love of renewable energy and green building strategies with more than 25 years of experience in recruiting to form Coneybeare Cleantech, a recruiting and consulting firm that connects people who want to work together to create a more sustainable world. Through events such as the Coneybeare Cleantech Leaders Conference, more intimate gatherings called "The Conversation" and the recruitment ...More

Sebastian Cordoba
Recruiter – U.S. and International

Sebastian serves clients in the engineering, government, military, construction, renewable energy and solar sectors.

He has had success placing engineers, salespeople, marketing professionals, administrative personnel and construction employees for his clients.

In addition to his recruiting skills, Sebastian offers other services, ...More

Michel Rivera
Recruitment Manager, Cultural Liaison, Lean Manufacturing Principles Trainer

Michel has been a recruiter since 2007. As Recruitment Manager, he focuses on companies in the aerospace, manufacturing, industrial construction, utilities and renewable energy industries. Michel has had tremendous success in making contract and permanent placements, and he does an excellent job working with his clients to provide candidates ...More

Diane McLean
FAIA, LEED AP (BD +C), CHC; Sustainable development consulting for the Built Environment
A visionary, advocate, and educator, Diane McLean has raised the bar for sustainability standards around the world. Her exploration and advancement of design innovations is driving the profession toward a goal of Zero Net Energy. Ms. McLean works to create synergies between people and the built environment. She works with both buildings and the people who occupy them to inspire sustainable & healthy solutions for high quality living. Consider the complex integration of systems for both building design and human design. Now consider what it takes to help them to thrive in alignment with nature and natural laws. Therein lies Diane's focus and one of her greatest joys. Professional Registrations and Certifications: Licensed USA Architect in the States of California and Nevada LEED Accredited Professional BD+C Certified Health Coach
Cody Harrison
LEED GA; Waste-to-value consultant, wants to turn the great Pacific garbage patch into a floating city
I want to help design, build, and operate the Beyond Sustainable cities of the future including their surrounding, supportive ecological systems. We can blend the built environment with the natural environment to create cities that can thrive even under conditions of catastrophic climate change. I'm looking to work with others that want to do the same. I have 4+ years experience doing sustainability consulting through my LLC. In that time I have done business development and project management in the wastewater-to-energy/value space, worked in residential energy efficiency from bottom to top, done design and construction for sustainable housing projects, and have started to dip my toes into regenerative agriculture.
Troy Martz
Regenerative Consultant. SME in Branding and identity, alternative energy, gasification, and IT
Designer and fabricator of alternative energy solutions, using advanced technology in harmony with natural system resources. With an early focus on pyrolysis, gasification and steam reformation technologies, I strive to bring energy solutions to farmers, communities, and municipalities all around the globe. Specialties: Branding and identity, server architecture, XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools, SEO, web and media advertising.
Silas Bennett
Mechanical Engineering and Software Programming consultant
I provide professional consulting services in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Linux Systems Administration, and Software Programming.
Brad Lancaster
Consultant, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond
Brad Lancaster owns a successful permaculture consulting, design, and education business focused on integrated and sustainable approaches to landscape design, planning, and living. Through his business he’s been able to share this passion and many of the fun innovations and daily adventures that come about from striving to live more sustainably and comfortably in the Sonoran Desert. At home Brad and his brother harvest about 100,000 gallons of rainwater a year on a 1/8-acre urban lot and adjoining right-of-way. This harvested water is then turned into living air conditioners of food-bearing shade trees, abundant gardens, and a thriving landscape incorporating wildlife habitat, beauty, edible and medicinal plants, and more.
Tigré Gánamoose Pickett
Regenerative systems consultant
Neal Spackman
Economic Development through Ecological Restoration
In 2010 I became the project manager at the Al Baydha Project in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. I designed programs and systems that would help settled bedouin develop a culture of work and self-reliance, and teach them how to convert their land from desert into a productive, regenerative landscape. After studying permaculture with Geoff Lawton, and after designing these systems, I moved to Al Baydha to live with the bedou and work with them developing sustainable systems in watershed management, low-tech methods of flash-flood management, forestry, construction, and sustainable grazing patterns. Since then, I have overseen and facilitated training nearly 100 bedou in various skillsets, in some cases training them personally, and in others bringing experts from outside and acting as the translator and mediator between these experts and the community in Al Baydha. At the same time, I have worked with a team of locals to establish a small site where we have proved that desert areas of the hijaz can be converted to productive, savannah-based landscape, using less water than the total rainfall on that site. In 4 years, we have seen tremendous changes on the social and environmental aspects of the project, and are at the cusp of developing small businesses that will sustainably use the resources of the area, generate wealth for the people living there, and allow them to flourish for generations to come.
Dalip Jaggi
Founder of Eva Smart Shower
At 25, Dalip Jaggi is the founder of the respectable brand and digital agency, Devise Interactive, and hosting company, He is also the Director of Technology for Orange County’s newest and hottest start-up, Eva Smart Shower, a smart shower that will help you save water while you shower. Recently, he has accepted the chief technology officer role at, a real estate investing platform for everyone. He holds the interactive chair at the AD2 Orange County chapter and the digital lead at Forge54, a non-profit organization.
Marjolein Helder
PhD, MSc., CEO of Plant-e
Marjolein Helder graduated (1983) as a PhD on electricity generation from living plants at the sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University in November 2012. Since then, she’s been working full-time as Plant-e’s CEO. With a PhD in environmental technology and a minor in entrepreneurship and management, she is well equipped to run a technology-based company. Her active engagement in several boards (a.o. alumni association KLV, Rugby Club Wageningen) combined with her positive attitude and energy has led to a vast network in the Netherlands and abroad.
Jerry Yudelson
Author and Speaker, Sustainability Consultant, LEED Fellow
The most published green building author, leading national and international keynote speaker, green building marketing professional, registered professional engineer, integrated design expert Specialties: Sustainable Design, Green Buildings, Green Development, Green Retail, Sustainability Planning
John Irvine
Principal Energy and Associates / EARTH + associates
John Irvine works at the nexus of sustainability and communication—informing, educating and motivating in order to help project stakeholders modify behavior. The engagement of occupants, owners, operators and policymakers can have a dramatic impact on the use or conservation of resources. John brings to this task the experience of three decades of domestic and international work as a communication professional in engineering, technology and environmental consulting. His sustainability storytelling combines essential analytical data and two-way conversations with community, building users, designers and owners. With many years as a training and human development professional, John has a deep understanding of how to structure, manage and deliver effective training programs. He is an outspoken advocate of social equity within the built environment, believing that project performance is maximized when it has a positive impact on vulnerable or overlooked constituencies. John also works on social equity issues in the built environment through the US Green Building Council and the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA).
Ann Millang
President at St. Barths Home
• Scripps College, Claremont, California: Bachelor’s Degree in Art History • Lund University, Sweden Exchange Student Spring • Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge Massachusetts, Career Discovery Program • Thomas J. Watson Fellowship: Comparative Study of Garden Japan and Scandinavia • Uppsala University Independent study of film and landscape at the University of Agriculture in the department for underdeveloped countries • Durfee Foundation Traveling Fellowship: Sustainable Market Gardens of China • Beatrix Farrand Scholarship UC Berkeley , Dept. of Landscape Architecture • Fulbright Program Scholarship: Graduate Thesis-Function of Urban Square in Sweden • University of California at Berkeley: Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture
Jeff Brain
CEO of Ciralight Global, Inc.
Jeff Brain is a successful entrepreneur, recognized civic leader and governmental strategist. He is partner and chief executive officer in Ciralight Global, Inc., a nationally recognized Green Company that is the only provider of active Daylighting Skylight products that enable businesses, stores and schools to turn off their electric lights for up to 10.5 hours a day.
Chris Agnos
Social / cultural engineer and storyteller. Founder at Sustainable Human
Nate Dumtschin
Energy Efficiency Specialist and provider of Facilities Management services for businesses with an emphasis on sustainability.
Carl Nordgren
Creative consultant, storyteller, novelist, speaker. Guide and Teacher at Creative Populist
Christopher Reinhart
Architectural Design and Natural Building Consultant
Conor Robinson
Working on inhabiting this earth more responsibly and helping others do the same
Nathan Wright
Earthen Builder and Artist
Geoffrey Bishop
CSR and Regenerative Food Systems Entrepreneur
Adam Plesniak
Entrepreneur, interdisciplinary engineer and team, products and technology builder
Ernest Stuart
Design Architect inspiring sustainable urban environments and facilitating construction of smart structures of the future
Avid Boustani
Clean energy and advanced manufacturing entrepreneur. Currently developing smart grid analytics products
Tyson Burger
Passion for people and turning creative ideas into problem solving products or services
Ray Dapp
Environmental adviser, & sustainable business management expert. Skilled at presenting to executive-level audiences and public stakeholders
Joseph Marfi
Sustainable Design, Construction, and Green Building Education Specialist
John Samuelson
International Special Programs & Investment Business Management in CleanTech, Energy, Communications, Ocean/Water, Medical
Peter Allen
Regenerative agriculture practitioner; ecology and complex systems theory expert
Dave Pasin
Salem Afeworki
LEED GA, ENV SP, Specialties in stakeholder engagement, responsible business practices, & climate change services
Silvia Zinetti
Sustainable energy and policy consultant w/ SME in renewables, energy efficiency, and R&D projects at the intl. level
Robyn Vettraino
Sustainable Design and Development Specialist, LEED AP HOMES, BD+C, SITES AP
Pandora Thomas
Speaker, teacher, ecological designer
Frank Binnendyk
Innovator, Technologist and Executive Coach
Mia Shepard
LEED GA; Composting consultant; Energy analyst, daylighting nerd and natural builder
Supriya Thote
R&D Project Engineer with a specialty in Food Science
Jessica Cohen
Waste and Recycling specialist also passionate about food policy, water, & green building
Eddy Garcia
Nature-based designs that grow food & build soil
Anders Dunker
Journalist, writer, philosopher - global perspectives, the future, and the environment
Marina Qutab
Zero Waste specialist, blogger, marketer, social innovator, and citizen activist
Bryan Arturo
Marketer, Facilitator, Public Speaker and Storyteller, Founder of Earth Journeys
Minnie Minyoung Shin
strategist with a knack for visual design, and passion for helping value-driven individuals & businesses