La Luisa, South of the Border

I believe that working together we can demonstrate how to live sustainably, beautifully, elegantly and in harmony with nature, anywhere in the world.”
– Victoria Betancourt, Founder of Coneybeare Cleantech

La Luisa: Spreading Sustainability Through South America


la-luisaIn Colombia, South America, we have an office in the coffee growing region of the Andes, where we have started a sustainable living project on a small eco-farm. La Finca La Luisa was once a “slash and burn” plantain farm, which we have been lovingly restoring to its more natural rainforest habitat, using permaculture principles and Beyond Sustainable farming methods. We have finished our first cabana using bamboo, grass and plantain bark, now available and highly popular as a vacation rental on Airbnb. Book your stay now in either the main house, or the charming cabana.

It is our goal to create a demonstration project that is a model for living sustainably within a precious natural habitat. We have planted a wide variety of exotic native fruits as well as macadamia nuts, a few coffee trees and aloe vera. There are also many native flowers and a large bamboo grove.













096We share the story of La Luisa here in the hopes that you may be inspired to join Coneybeare Cleantech in our mission of spreading sustainability throughout the world. Please let us know if you would be interested in creating workshops, either in Colombia, California or elsewhere. Valuable topics can include:

           – Sustainable food production

           – Sustainable architecture

           – Renewable energy solutions






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South of the Border

Latin American is the next great frontier for sustainability practices. This market has gone largely untapped, and in some regions there is an incredible need to change business behavior.

But to grow your business south of the border, there are many challenges. The cultural differences, alone, have been enough to derail seemingly great enterprises in some countries. It is important to understand the differences in Central and South America so you can forge strategic business partnerships locally and advance the use of clean technologies and renewable energy while, of course, growing a sustainable business model as well.

Coneybeare Cleantech has deep roots in these markets and is here to help as you navigate the cultural waters that come with doing business in Latin America. Of course, business can’t be done unless everyone is speaking the same language. For that, Coneybeare Cleantech provides top-notch translation services as well.

We also conduct outdoor showrooms to demonstrate the latest clean technologies and methodologies, such as permaculture, solar energy and the generation of electricity from other alternative sources.

Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services for environmentally friendly companies interested in breaking into the burgeoning Latin American markets.