The Conversation

As recruiters in the clean technology industry, our ultimate goal is to connect people. We work tirelessly to connect individuals with the right jobs, employers with the right employees and organizations with the rights business partners. Even though the space is all about technology, the quest is all about people.

At Coneybeare Cleantech, we take this mission even further in an effort to forge connections and opportunities based on common goals. We believe that a free-flowing exchange of ideas is one of the most powerful tools a community can have. To this end, we’ve launched the Coneybeare Cleantech Conversation.

It’s a program that gathers and encourages the thought leaders of the clean technology, resource conservation and renewable energy solutions sectors to assemble and share their ideas for creating a more sustainable planet. The Conversation can happen almost anywhere – in person, through social media or anywhere in cyberspace.

In 2015, we launched our Coneybeare Cleantech Leaders Conference series, an annual program that brings together clean technology innovators, engineers and consultants with the lawyers and equity partners needed to scale these planet-saving ideas. Additionally, Coneybeare Cleantech hosts regular “salons” in Southern California that encourage more idea sharing and business networking.

Our ultimate goal is to develop the ideas into reality by connecting people to the right opportunities. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Please join the Conversation and share your ideas with us.